Mission And Vision


''Growing sustainably beyond all limits''
''Growing sustainably beyond all limits''


With our culture that is bound the values of the society,environment,law and morality ;

  • To our customers by innovative products,services and solutions ,
  • To our workers by management mentality with the priority of occupational health and safety and the continuous development opportunities ,
  • To other shareholders ,
  • To be an industrial company enhancing the life quality of the society by creating value.

Quality Policy

  • Understanding the needs of current and potential customers,to meet their requirements and trying hard to provide customers with the service beyond the expectations.
  • Establishing and protecting an environment in which all workers participate to actualize the targets of the company by leading to common direction and objective.
  • Taking effective decisions based on the analysis of technical information and data.
  • Building relationships with the suppliers that both side make use of to create mutual value.

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System is used as an important binding power to develop and sustain constantly DTI Quality Management System.